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GIA Trading Group - The Complete International Trade Facilitator

Are you one of the manufacturers who would prefer to do business with a local buyers rather than take the risk and wear the expense trying to find buyers from other countries?
If our local office buy direct from you and export your products to a ready made market will you be happy to sell to us?

GIA Trading Group is not an export consulting company that will take your money to tell  how to export your products in overseas markets.
Unlike the consultants who provide their services for a fee - GIA Trading Group understands the real business functions that create increased export sales- OUR local business will become your local buyer who will buy your products and place then in a number of overseas markets worldwide. OUR overseas companies  will receive your products and take them to the buyers warehouses ready to be delivered to retailers and the consumers.

The GIA Trading Group approach is unique. We proactively link our supply channel direct to the local sales force of our buyers world wide. This is why we call ourselves the International Trade Facilitators. 

Not every buyer wants to import. Due to a lack of expertise, risks involved in the international trade a number of wholesalers, distributors and retail chain stores do not import the products they sell. These buyers will be happy purchase products from overseas if they can find a company that will do the importing for them and close the deal as a local transaction. We take the products to the buyer’s door - this is why we have  buyers for your products.

If you have the right products at the right price let us establish your export sales. All you have to do is register as a supplier and list the products you wish to export.  Our local or regional office will contact you for more information. 

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