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Export Documents

Listed below are some export documents which may be instantly generated for your business use.
After generating the required document, you can copy and paste the document into your word processor and make any changes or additions before printing.

Bank Realization Certificate
A realisation certificate commonly used amongst exporters in India.

Bill of Exchange
An unconditional written order, in which the importer addressed to and required by the exporter to pay on demand or at a future date a certain amount of money to the order of a person or bearer.

Certificate of Origin
A certificate to certify the place of manufacture, the nature/quantity/value of the goods.

Commercial Invoice
The Commercial Invoice is the one single document which describes the entire transaction from start to finish. It shows who shipped what to whom, on which terms of sale and payment and at what prices. It is also the primary document used by Customs, worldwide, for commodity control and valuation.

IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration
The IATA (International Air Transport Association) requires the Shipper’s Declaration of Dangerous Goods to be filled out for all qualifying air cargo.

Packing List
A list with detailed packing information of the goods shipped.

Security Endorsement
An endorsement signed by the shipper stating that the goods being sent are safe and contain no hazardous materials.

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