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Globalisation is not a buzz-word, it is a reality and means competition to all kinds of businesses, large or small, from anywhere in the world.
If you want to survive in today’s tuff market, you must look for the best opportunities to buy or manufacture the products you offer to your customers.

Finding the best opportunities is not an easy task for an importer without expert help.
As an importer who is searching for qualified suppliers to meet your requirements and provide you with the right product, at the price and deliver it in time, can sometimes be a very difficult task.
It is a difficult task because you need to know the global market and the market keeps changing because manufacturers keep chasing the cheap labor and because of the high shipping costs. Some times, it is better to look for a supplier closer to your country than buy from a well known country with low production cost.

We understand your concern, having to negotiate a deal with suppliers from another country, who do not speak your native language, with a deferent business practices, under a deferent legal system and a deferent culture. 

GIA Trading Group will help you overcome your concerns of finding the best buying opportunities.
GIA Trading Group is an international trading company with offices in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
Not only we can source the products you need from the best possible source from anywhere in the world, but we can bring the products to your local port or even to your warehouse.

Negotiate your imports with a local company, we have a large number of trading companies register in many countries worldwide and an even larger number of local trade development directors worldwide. Chances are we will have a company register in your country or you may even know one of our local directors.

If you are a manufacturer in need of outsourcing we can help, you find an OEM facility to manufacture your special components or your complete products.

We are a results driven group and will only get paid when we supply you the product or service you agree to buy.  It will cost nothing up-front and we will not waste your time. We will give you an answer within 7 to 10 working days of your application. After completing the Buyer Registration you will be able to submit your requirements via the Product Sourcing Form.

Alternately, you may also complete the Product Sourcing Form and email it to GIA Sourcing

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