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GIA Trading Group the Bifranchisor is careful when selecting companies/individuals who not only possess the right skills and character, but also who have the right cultural fit for our organization.

Why Become a Bifranchisee?  -  Requirements
Who can become a bifranchisee?  -  Benefits

Why Become a Bifranchisee?

The Right Time: There has never been a better time to invest in international trade. Wholesalers are constantly seeking to buy for less so that they are able sell for less. Manufacturers around the world are desperate to keep their qualified personnel, as a result, they agree to sell at a lower price especially when GIA Trading Group is able to negotiate to export the products worldwide. In times of recession, buying power is king.

The Right Way: The Bifranchise concept is a unique international trading system that converts the international transaction into two local transactions performed under the local legal jurisdiction, local currency and local business culture.

All you need to know is your local market.

Our Support: You will have the support of our worldwide marketing network.  We will build the GIA Trading Group Bifranchise into a worldwide brand specializing in international trade.
We will also offer you a series of sales training and support to assist you. We will appoint one LOCAL DIRECTOR to work closely with you to help you increase your market share and establish your company as one of the most significant trade development companies in your country.


In order to succeed as a GIA Trading Group Bifranchisee, you will need:

  • Proven experience in business
  •  Wholesale sales experience
  • Product sourcing experience
  •  Experience in imports and exports
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Financial aptitude

Perseverance, integrity and a passion for big business.

Business Experience: It is important that you possess good business acumen to ensure that you select the most appropriate buyers per product category and the best suppliers who offer the most competitive products your country has to offer the world. Performance comes from thinking in the right way during planning and execution stages.             

Wholesale Sales Experience: You will be required to perform professional, consultative, proactive sales activities directed at decision-makers and decision influencers at existing and new wholesale, distribution and retail chain business operators within your country.
You will need to adapt ongoing improvements to the process of prospecting, qualifying and acquiring new business clients.
You should help your clients buy better, so they can sell better and buy more from you.

Product Sourcing Experience: It is well known that each country produces certain category of products of high quality at very competitive prices due to a number of factors such as geological, environmental or cultural influences. You must be able to identify these products and commodities within your country and offer them to the GIA Trading Group network of Bifranchisees.

Import and Export Experience: You will need to have or obtain an import and export licence for your country. You must have a sound understanding of the import tariffs, quotas, quarantine standards and restrictions on imports into your country.
You will also need to know the export procedures and regulations when exporting particular product categories and most importantly, be able to utilise any government subsidies offered on exports.   

Communication Skills: Effective communication skills are essential for success in this business. As a GIA Trading Group Bifranchisee, you need to possess appropriate communication skills to be able to communicate with decision makers and decision influencers in large and medium businesses as well as government personnel and politicians.

Financial Aptitude: You must have adequate capital or bankable assets with good banking relations to be able to place orders after securing guaranteed payment from your buyers.
The amount of the required capital or assets will vary from country to country and depend on the size of the orders placed.

Premises: You will require your own or a leased warehouse with adequate space to be able to download and open at least four 20/40 feet containers and adequate showroom space to exhibit products you will offer to distributors, wholesalers or retail chain stores. 

Passion for Big Business: The Bifranchise will deal in raw materials as well as finished goods for import and export. The business potential is unlimited and your success depends only upon your own endeavour and enterprising abilities.

Who Can Become a Bifranchisee

- A group or an individual who posses the required skills and experience and has the financial means to support themselves through the start up phase.

- An existing company operating as a distributor, a wholesaler or representative that complies with the requirements above and is looking to expand their business.
- An existing company in the logistics and warehousing business wanting to expand their business activities.


Globalisation: the internet and the emergence of the large retail chain stores have increased competition in international and local trade. These market changes have made it harder for the small retailers and importers to compete. Using GIA Trading Group as a direct supplying source from overseas will increase your competitiveness.    

Missed Opportunities: worldwide competition and volatile commodity prices force manufacturers to keep inventory low and some have resulted in producing stock on order. In many cases, production of small orders have become too costly for the manufacturers and they now refuse to sell to the small buyers/importers. They are then usually forced to deal with local agents while often paying a much higher price and sometimes even being supplied an inferior product.

Buying power: GIA Trading group will supply products to partners worldwide enabling GIA Trading Group buying power to be greater than that of the retail giants. Increased buying power equates to better prices and better trade conditions.

Buying Opportunities: since GIA Trading Group will have local presence in all of the major supplying countries and GIA Trading Group will be known as a big buyer, it will be offered the opportunities to buy cancelled orders, overshoot production offers and closeout offers at very favourable prices.

First mover advantage: GIA Trading Group’s local presence, big buying power and its worldwide network will entice manufacturers to offer GIA Trading Group new products to be placed worldwide.

Exclusivity: GIA Trading Group will have the opportunity to represent both, exclusive and non-exclusive, products worldwide to a number of regions, territories, and countries.

Own Brand names: GIA Trading Group will offer a number of products under its own brand name and/or made exclusive for the GIA Group. These products will be exclusively distributed by the GIA Group Bifranchise network.

Quality and price: All products will be sourced by GIA Trading Group local Bifranchisees only. Bifranchisees will have the opportunity to represent products while competing with each other on quality and price. This model will give GIA Trading Group the opportunity to supply products at the best possible quality and prices.

Quality and quantity control: With four independent parties verifying the quality and quantity of the products, GIA Trading Group Bifranchise network’s customers are guaranteed strict compliance (as per samples received and approved) with the order placed and in accordance with the underlying contracts.

Worldwide brand recognition: As all GIA Trading Group Bifranchisees will operate under the GIA Trading Group name, Bifranchisees will be recognised as a worldwide brand.

Government recognition: All GIA Trading Group Bifranchisees will be promoting and exporting products from their country. As a result, they will be recognised by their respective governments as a company that is helping to strengthen the country’s economy.

Negotiating power: As all GIA Trading Group Bifranchisees are buying for a worldwide distribution network, they will be welcomed by suppliers from their territories and they will be able to negotiate the best possible conditions for the transactions.

Multiple revenue streams: All GIA Trading Group Bifranchisees will earn revenues from multiple streams which means that they will not be fully exposed to seasonal slow down losses because other categories/segments of the market will still be performing well.  

Fraud protection: The internet and advances in technology have made it much easier for unscrupulous traders to misrepresent themselves as manufacturers and supply low quality or damaged products to importers. In many instances ‘fraudsters’ have even been known to forge shipping documents to collect payments from unsuspecting importers. This situation has created mistrust between buyers and sellers, thus creating the barriers for the legitimate and profitable transactions.

Both manufacturers and distributors will be protected from these kinds of risks as they would only liaise with a local company (GIA Trading Group Bifranchisee) and not with the foreign entities located abroad or in other territories.

The removal of the risk of fraudulent transaction coupled with the combined buying power of the global network will certainly convince any prudent businessman to join our team.

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