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Things are not looking good for business owners looking to retire as market sentiment hits its lowest since March 2009.


October 23rd, 2011 | By Jim Koras

According  to  the  BizExchange  Index  June  Quarter  2011, the  number  of  businesses  advertised  for  sale  has  reached  a  new  record.
Mr. David  Bird,  BizExchange  Chairman  said, 
At  present negative             sentiment   is  pervasive,  responding  to  global  sovereig  debt  issues affecting  the  global  economy  and  a  number  of  local  issues  including natural disasters,  together  with  poorly considered  government  policies and implementation.”
It  is  any  wonder  people  are extremely  cautious  and  have their hands in their  pockets.  We  are  certainly  not  moving  forward  but  rather  in gridlock.”

Tens of thousands of Australian business (owned by baby boomers) will be affected by the current global financial turmoil and the Australian market conditions.
More affected will be the business owners who do not have an exit/succession plan in place.

The best entrepreneurs begin their journey with the end in mind, they know how to start, where they are going and the steps they need to take for a successful exit.

Many business owners follow their vision and build a successful business, but unfortunately some of them don’t have an exit plan.

Perhaps you have been trying to grow and exit your business for some time, but you are not there yet. Or, maybe your business has reached the peak of its growth and has become stagnant.

Has your business matured (reached the maximum growth in the Australian market)?
Are you thinking to exit your business in one to two years from now?


Whatever your situation… if your business is profitable, have barriers to entry, documented process and procedures in place and you are thinking to exit your business now or in one to two years time – talk to us.

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  • We can partner with manufacturers of complete lines of products, or OEM quality replacement parts.
  • We can buy out or partner (JV) with Distributors/Wholesalers of complete lines of good quality products from one or more industries.
  • We can establish Joint Venturers (JV) with commodity buyers. 

Australian Private Business Values – latest report and key findings

October 13th, 2011 | By Craig West SuccessionPlus

The latest bizexchange index report on Australian private business value is show some interesting results and highlights the need to keep a close eye on the market for business sales in Australia. Before we analyse the numbers a couple of key findings shed light on key issues for business owners as they prepare for an exit or succession plan, which includes selling their business. More

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